Why Smallpox is more lethal than The Black Plague

Smallpox is more fatal than The Black Plague. This is because of several reasons including its victims, spread, and a lot more. below is a comparison between Smallpox and its impact on Early America, and the Black Plague's impact on Europe

Comparison Between Smallpox and Black Plague


The Black Plague

The Origin and Spread of the Disease

Smallpox, a virus caused disease, was imported to Early America by European settlers and spread quickly through European human trafficking of Early America

The Black Plague, a bacteria inflicted disease was imported to Europe from China, via trade routes and spread through the sewage system due to the lack of sewage treatment

The Statistics of the Disease

Smallpox had a fatality rate of 30 percent and killed about 20 to 25 percent of natives in Chile alone

The Bubonic plague had a fatality rate of 30 to 60 percent, and wiped out a third of Europe's population in the most famous outbreak, The Black Death

The Aftermath of the Disease

Smallpox was eventually eradicated by vaccine, there's 2 types of vaccines developed to prevent smallpox, ACAM2000 and Jyennos

The Europeans, in response to the death toll, started cleaning up their cities, but some Europeans blamed the plague on the Jewish population

The Timeline

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